Ubuntu ultimate edition

Недавно на торрентах нашёл очень интересную сборку убунты. Называет ultimate edition. Ознакомившись с ней понял что это просто сборка скриптов котрые модернизируют систему. В общем оказалось очень клёвая штука.

Несколько разных сборок. Gamer edition поставил на ноутбук. Детям развлечения. Отлипли от Win XP моментально.


What is Ultimate Edition 2.5? Ultimate Edition 2.5 was built off Ultimate Edition 2.4 (Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 based) all upgrades pre-installed as of current. It has KDE, XFCE, and Gnome user selectable at login, 3 new themes and tons of apps. This release is huge obviously bigger then UE 2.4 ;) I am not going to spend my time writing a webpage, but just a post. Even though it is a very worthy release and deserves a webpage. I have alot on my plate in programming and other activities & I do mean alot. It has been out about a week, forum users have been grabbing it left and right.

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